Improving Curb Appeal

With the hecticness of a home renovation project, it was easy for us to completely neglect the outside of our home for a few months.  We live on a fairly busy road, so I can only imagine that hundreds of people a day were judging us as they drove by.  So a few weekends ago, I reached the peak of my patience with how out of hand it had gotten.  Here is a list of quick and easy projects that drastically improve curb appeal, for almost no money and just a bit of sweat! […]

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Repairing Drywall

If your walls are new and leveled, your wall corners are square, and your house is not covered in wall paper…you are missing out on the true New England homeownership experience.  Here, houses are older, and wonderfully imperfect.  Except when it comes time to renovate. 

I went into our small bathroom renovation thinking, how much trouble could I get into with a 3×5 foot space?

The answer: a moderate amount of trouble. […]

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Power-Washing The Back Deck: A Quick Facelift

If there is one project I have underestimated the revival power of, it was the power washing of our back deck. Prior to taking on this task, I never once used a power washer.  Thankfully a good friend had one, so we avoided renting one […]

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